The Factory

 Skateboard Factory China

Skateboard Factory China is a highly advanced skateboard manufacturer that produces top of the line skateboards for companies and distributors all over the world. Our mission is to create products with the highest-caliber pop, durability and materials by continuing to maintain and pursue a laser focus on quality.

About Us

Our factory has been manufacturing skateboards for a variety of reputable brands in the industry since 1995. For the first 15 years, the factory produced decks for a few large, select companies in the United States and Canada. After employing a team of European and American engineers and managers to directly oversee the factory’s sales, business developments and quality control departments, our company now produces custom-made OEM orders for upcoming brands and shops as well as name brand distributors all over the world.

Our plant in China consists of an experienced team of managers who are responsible for new developments, project management and quality control as well as a professional production staff of technicians and engineers who work directly with test riders. Our entire production process is based on a manufacturers quality control system with an ISO 9001 certificate, which allows us to stand out as a professional skateboard manufacturer.

Quality Materials, Quality Products

Due to Western knowledge and expertise we have on site in China, we meet the highest standards in manufacturing custom skateboards for a world market. Our entire production process undergoes extensive quality checks in order for us to focus on what matters most:

  • Deck Pop
  • Deck Durability
  • Deck Materials

All of our production materials like maple wood, glue and timber are imported from suppliers in the United States, Canada and Germany. We specifically select and control our Canadian maple material import based on a variety of quality attributes that are responsible for the exceptional pop and durability seen in our Canadian maple skateboard decks.

In pursuing our mission, our company has seen increasingly preferred results in our skateboards for the last 20 years. Aside from improvements in our factory’s wood shop, we also supply a variety of other custom products and accessories.