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Key managers of our team


As our Business Development Manager, I work directly with our sales and marketing teams in order to build key relationships around the globe and identify long-term business opportunities for Adhoc distributors and OEM customers... more info

Growing up in the skateboarding capital of southern California has given me a permanent desire for skateboarding, surfing and traveling. Aside from my love and appreciation for the skateboard culture, I’ve been a part of numerous start-ups, held several management positions, and have a true passion for entrepreneurship.


After graduating with an International Business degree from Azusa Pacific University, I moved to China so that I could invest my time, energy and creativity in a company that I believe embodies all of those things above. I've been able to implement my knowledge of global trade, finance and marketing in order to create new business models for our company and develop what I believe is the most critical measure of our success; meaningful relationships. If you're interested in being a part of the Adhoc Skateboards network, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.



As our Logistics and Finance Manager, I stay in constant communication with the operating shipping companies that we work with in order to check prices and times before I arrange and plan the orders for transport... more info

I have been in the Chinese export business for many years as a manager at my family’s company in Yiwu (the commodity city of China) where I received all my logistics and business knowledge over the last several years. I enjoy working on our international team and really appreciate the great atmosphere that my colleagues bring. I find skateboarding an extremely interesting art form and I am happy to be in a position that aids in its growth overseas and here in China. Hanging out with the guys and skateboarding at the park here has taught me a lot about the culture and has helped me form a solid group of friends that I know I will have forever!


As Head of Sales, I am often the first line of contact when it comes to new clients. My job is to guide and support new and existing customers throughout the entire order and production process... more info

I started skating when I was 15. Growing up in Cebu on the Philippines where skateboarding was really booming at that time (and even now is still growing), most of my close friends were skateboarders and one fine day they made me try it. I still remember my first run and after that I never got off the board again. Soon I knew that this was the lifestyle I wanted for the rest of my life. Sponsors and traveling to competitions made it possible for me to meet a lot of amazing people, create networks in Asia, and explore skateboarding at other places as well. There are two things in my life I really love and they are skateboarding and traveling.


My position at Skateboard Factory China as a sales manager gives me the perfect opportunities: opportunities like meeting skaters and skate teams from nearly every continent (who also happen to be our customers), exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, and skating new spots everywhere I go. China is also a place where I really enjoy spending a lot of time. Besides work, the architecture and thousands of new buildings serve as an amazing playground for any street skater and it totally roXx!


As a Product Specialist, the quality of the skateboards is my main concern. I make sure every skateboard and accessory product is being produced under the highest standard so that we can continue to offer outstanding service to our customers... more info

New friends, new experiences and new opportunities have never stopped coming into my life and skateboarding proves to be a perfect example of that. I started skateboarding during my time at Hunan College where I excelled in both English and business courses in order to further develop my business communication skills on a domestic and international scale. I then came to Yiwu and started working as a foreign sporting goods salesman as a way to get more involved in the skateboard industry.


After meeting Tomy, Nick and the rest of the team at SFC, I never thought I would be able to turn one of my favorite sports into business. I will always have SFC to thank for providing me with such a precious opportunity. I think of skateboarding not only as a sport, but a lifestyle in which you you can learn more about yourself and your community, both of which are extremely important for Chinese culture.


As an engineer and our company's Director of Operations, I handle a lot of Skateboard Factory China’s new product developments and also manage our team's internal structures... more info

I was 10 years old when I first started to skate almost two decades ago. Thanks to skateboarding, I got to travel a lot and meet amazing people in amazing places around the globe. These experiences have taught me a lot and changed the way I see things, which opened up many opportunities for me. This is what made my whole business possible in the first place!


At the age of 19, because of a crazy idea, I imported my first 20ft container from China and successfully started my first E-Commerce business with electronics. I learned all the important topics regarding manufacturing in China and the details of the entire production process quite early. Five years later, immediately after my graduation, I moved to China for my business. Because of skateboarding in China, I ran into the right people (which is a long, crazy story) and finally ended up managing a team at a skateboard factory and I love it!


The best part of it is that we have customers from around the world that are mostly skateboarders as well. For me, nothing is cooler than traveling to the other side of the globe to new cities and having local skateboarders there already waiting for me.




Office and Administration


Access Asia Association Ltd.,
Unit 1, Building 55, Qinyang Liu B, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China 322000


More Information

We keep our “Create A Brand” page updated with answers to FAQs that should help you with your order, such as:

  • How to produce your own brand in our factory with OEM options for your products (skateboard graphics, product graphics, custom packaging, labeling, branding, logos, and stickers)
  • General information about our products and the skateboard production process from start to finish (production times, quality control system and product development)
  • How to purchase and import skateboards from China to your country (ways of shipping, importing from China, transport packaging, costs, and combining goods)