Create A Brand

Custom Branding and Packaging


To help you create a brand, stickers and labels can be added to each skateboard and product order before packing.

Shrink Wrapping

In order to keep your goods as fresh as possible, all decks get shrink wrapped before carton packing.

Carton Boxes

We usually pack decks in cartons of 10 decks per box. Regular customers can have customized boxes with their own branded print and label. Usual box marks are as follows: QTY, SIZE, WEIGHT, ITEM NAME, and ADDITIONAL INFORMATION regarding board graphics and deck sizes 7.5 – 8.5 inches.

Click here for stickers template.

Bearings Packaging

For usual quantities, we offer completely customized carton packaging for skateboard bearings. However, we now offer customizing options for smaller quantities of bearings, such as:

  • Bearings in a plastic tube with a customized sticker on it (100 set minimum)
  • Bearings in a plastic box with a custom sticker on it (100 set minimum)
  • Bearings in a plastic box with a carton cover (300 set minimum)

Whenever we produce OEM packaging, we have to produce a minimum of 1,000 pieces, as we have to make the models according to the carton shape and size. In this case, you can have your own unique measurements and your own brand label design exactly as required. In a case where customers need a smaller quantity of bearings in order to get started, they can pay the 1000 piece minimum packaging cost and we can help them by keeping the rest of the packaging in stock for their future bearing orders.

Click here for bearings packaging template.

Skateboard Graphics

The best way to send us skateboard deck graphics is by creating a 33 x 9 inch vector graphic on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop using the template below (CMYK or Pantone printing are also acceptable). We have to manufacture a model for each graphic, which accounts for our set-up costs. Therefore, we need to produce a minimum of 50 skateboard decks per graphic.

Click here for deck template.

Longboard Graphics

The procedure for creating longboard graphics is similar to that of skateboard graphics. The most efficient way is to create a 33 x 9 inch vector graphic on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Because we have to manufacture a model for each graphic, set-up costs are also incurred. In this case, we need to produce a minimum of 100 longboards per graphic.

Click here for longboard template.

Wheel Graphics

The inside diameter of every skateboard wheel is 26mm. The outside diameter is measured by the total wheel diameter minus 3mm.

Here is an example: A wheel with a total diameter of 56mm has a design with an inside diameter of 26mm and an outside diameter of 53mm. Because we have to produce a model for each wheel design, set-up costs are incurred and the minimum quantity for printed wheels is 100 sets.

Click here for wheels template.

Grip Tape Printing

Bottom Print

Bottom print for grip tape is the easiest to make. We produce a graphic screen model and can manufacture a minimum of 200 pieces of grip tape for each graphic. This can be done after the actual production of the grip tape, which makes it easy.

Top Print

The top print requires a different manufacturing process for which we need to manufacture a minimum quantity of 2,000 pieces.

(All grip tape graphics should be prepared as a 33 x 9 inch vector graphic on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop using the template below).

Click here for grip tape template.

Colored Veneer Layers

Customers can choose and customize the veneer color, the number of veneer layers and the position of each colored veneer layer for skateboard and longboard decks. We always have fresh, colored veneer decks in stock in order to accelerate the manufacturing process. However, if a specific veneer color is needed, we will add an additional 2 weeks to the normal production time in order to press the skateboards according to your requirements.

Bearing Shield Logos

In order to create brand printing on bearing shields, a minimum quantity of 500 sets is required. Otherwise, skateboard bearings can be produced with neutral shield colors.

Custom Skateboard Shapes

For custom deck shapes, we need to create a new mold in order to press the decks. Mold production is quite costly and takes approximately 30 days. In this case, if the yearly demand is more than 2,000 decks, we charge customers a fee for building the mold. If demands increases, we will pay back the mold fees.

Product Samples

We are always happy to create a sample package with products that we currently produce for a low sample fee plus air shipping costs.

Payment Options

For usual orders, we accept normal bank-to-bank wire transfers. Banks will charge a fixed amount for the wire no matter how large the amounts are. For smaller amounts (sample orders), we suggest you use Western Union or PayPal. These companies charge a percentage of the total amount, which is usually the cheapest way to transfer small amounts.

Shipping Skateboards from China

Air Shipping

Here at Skateboard Factory China, we use international air shipping for samples of our products only, as it is the most expensive way of shipping. However, for some Asian countries, air shipping rates are sometimes cheaper. In this case, we can ship smaller quantities of 20 – 200 skateboards by air.

Sea Shipping

This is when shipping prices for skateboards gets interesting. Sea shipping is the best and cheapest way to ship, especially for orders to Europe, Australia, the United States, and South America. For an LCL transport (multiple pieces of goods in a container), we have to book a minimum of 1m³ of space, which is enough for 200 – 250 complete skateboards.

It is important to note that the price difference between 1m³ and 10m³ of container space is small. Therefore, the larger the order quantity, the cheaper it is to ship.

Shipping Bearings from China

Because the dimensions of skateboard bearings are much smaller than skateboard decks, they can also be shipped by air internationally for a reasonable price. We offer a minimum quantity of 100 bearing sets with certain OEM brand options. The higher the quantity, the more customizing options there are available.