Our Brand

Adhoc Skateboards

Adhoc is an international artist network of illustrators and designers known as the Adhocrates Collective. Our brand, Adhoc Skateboards, is the result of bringing together like-minded individuals who share an inner-drive to think differently. What was once a creative hub and workspace in Vienna, Austria is now a global network of resident artists, guest designers and professional skaters.

Our factory partnered with the Adhocrates so that artists such as Lilo Krebernik could design skateboards for skaters all over the world. In an effort to support the creators of today and encourage the ones to come, Adhoc Skateboards gives aspiring artists a platform to exhibit their work on a global scale. In helping us create our factory brand and an international network of skate teams, artists receive a percentage of each deck sold featuring their design. Still looking for more reasons to represent Adhoc?

  • We provide fresh Adhoc decks for all of our samples
  • Licensing and distribution rights are available in your country
  • We offer a professional brand at factory prices
  • Sponsoring opportunities are available for riders
  • We support local artists and creatives alike

Feel free to explore new and exciting projects, ideas and links at www.adhocrates.net and don’t forget to keep up with everything going on at the adhocPAD at www.facebook.com/adhocPAD. For further details about licensing and distribution rights in your country, upcoming events, new designs, and information, contact us directly.

Lilo Krebernik

His alter ego is “deadlemming” and his brand name is the 0717 barcode. Lilo is a designer and illustrator from Austria who has a long history in boardsports. He started skateboarding and snowboarding in the mid-80’s and competed up to an international level in the 90’s. For the last 10 years, he has built up his name as a leading contributor in boardsports as an art director and designer for various international brands like Red Bull, KTM and Atomic and has helped influence the aesthetics of the industry as well as the sports themselves.

Lilo is a true skateboarder with an extremely creative and professional approach. He is never afraid to experiment. His concrete skatepark known as the “lemming bowl” is a landmark for his work and he continues to work on projects that give back to his community.


Kathi Macheiner

As the mastermind behind “sixxa” clothing, a respected women’s streetwear brand operating in Vienna, Kathi is known for her high quality clothing as well as her amazing range of characters. Her contributions as a designer range from her current occupation in clothing design to snowboard and longboard graphics as well as numerous other ventures. Needless to say, she’s a real professional when it comes to design work. Kathi is also an active skateboarder and snowboarder who started her own company over recent years and is an important influence among small businesses, fashion, and lifestyle in Vienna.



Franko Rosas is a graphic designer born and raised in Mexico who also spent a lot of time in California. His main influences include the Chicano culture, graffiti and urban street art. Studying abroad in Barcelona and working in various different fields of creativity within the television, press and new media industry, Franko discovered his niche and continues to work in the industry. “The FRK” is a project based on getting to know “homies” (people) around the world while traveling, working together and exploring different approaches to graphics using new channels of communication.


Leif Alvarsson

Leif Alvarsson is an illustrator from the small town of Lycksele in Northern Sweden. His sprained ideas usually come at night and are seen through his use of solid colors with a taste of poisonous color tones. You can follow him on YouTube to see the process from original sketch to finished image. For the past few years, Leif has worked hard to spread his name across the globe and catch up with new customers.

Leif has worked with clothing labels, rock bands, tattoo shops, sled wraps, car wraps and many more.