Go Skate Day 2015

In a country where originality is a fairly new concept, we are constantly working at bringing new life to the small business and manufacturing sectors here in China. Our creativity allows us to let go of certainties and put our imagination to work. Because creativity comes in so many shapes and sizes, what better way to allow those ideas to come to life than through art and skateboarding? This year, Adhoc Skateboards teamed up with Vans to create a space for skaters and other like-minded individuals who are passionate about doing things differently.


Go Skateboarding Day is the official celebration of skateboarding. It allows skaters to make their passion a priority. By creating a skatepark and Adhoc Skateboards gallery, everyone who attended the event was able to help bring those passions to life. We hope the energy that was produced here on Go Skate Day will continue to be lived out every day of the year.


The event was held in the central city of Wuhan, one of China’s “three furnaces.” Now we know why. Wuhan brought the heat!