Skateboard Production: Graphic Transfer

At Skateboard Factory China, when transferring graphics, we always begin by applying an additional layer of oil to the blank deck so the graphic will reach the correct heat while passing through the machine. This allows for the graphic to stick correctly and permanently on the board. Next, we lay our pre-printed graphic transfer sheet on the deck and align it with the deck’s parameter, leaving a slight overhanging margin all the way around.



Now we are ready to pass the board and graphic through the heat transfer machine. The top roller of the machine is running at a high temperature so that the paint on the graphic sheet will stick to the board. Beginning with the nose, the rollers will clamp down together and feed the deck through. Our graphic transfer operative always spreads the graphic sheet out manually to ensure there are no creases or wrinkles.



After cooling down, the sheet is ready to be removed, leaving the full graphic on the board. All that is left to do is scrape away any excess paint from the edges with a sharp knife, leaving a neat edge and a professional finish.